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By Tyrone Powers, Ph.D. 

Blowback is defined as the unintentional consequences of military and other secret operations carried out by the United States.  In most cases it means that those the United States strike against find a way - sooner or later - to strike back. Of late, terrorism has been the "strike-back" weapon or tactic of choice.  

Groups and "Third-World" nations often believe that they have no other alternative but to strike back against what they perceive as U.S aggression and imperialist designs. It is their sincere belief that U.S. wants to expand its empire to control the bulk of the world's natural resources and the "lesser" people of the world. To them this is unacceptable and they have vowed that they will not submit. These countries and groups conclude that they are not prepared or equipped to fight a conventional war against a technologically advanced military regime, and thus feel that they must resort to the proven technique of terrorism to repel the "evil aggressor." For them terrorism is a logical and rational choice.  

Without a doubt there will be Blowback from the war against Iraq. Terrorist groups are extremely patient. As a result the Blowback may come in weeks, months or years - but it will come.  Unfortunately, "Shock and Awe" will be brought back to shores of the United States.  

Third world nations and groups have traditionally sought out allies in the United States in oppressed communities to sympathize with them. Blacks have often been the targets for this sympathy, as it was Blacks during the Civil Rights Movement that sought the sympathy of the rest of the world, especially the Third World, as government officials and patriotic American citizens were brutalizing us. But now the Third World nations and U.S. targeted groups feel there are no allies in the United States. There are no innocents. They note that two of the leading advocates for their destruction were Black - Collin Powell and Codeleza Rice.  To them from this point forward, Blowback will be colorblind. 


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