A Lesson Before Dying: The Killing of Enrique Tello Jr.

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by Tyrone Powers, Ph.D. 

"Lest we forget" in September 1997 Samuel Sheinbein and Aaron Needle allegedly murdered, cut off the limbs with an electrical "hack-saw," and burned up Alfredo Enrique Tello Jr. in Montgomery county, Maryland. When Enrique Tello Jr.'s body was found - his legs and arms were missing. Police reports indicate that Enrique Tello Jr. was hit in head several times, stabbed repeatedly in the neck and chest and then dismembered and torched. With the help of his parents, Samuel Sheinbein, who is Jewish, devised and executed a plan that allowed for his escape to Israel - the "Promised Land." Once in Israel, Samuel Sheinbein, a.k.a. the "Hacksaw Murderer" was provided a safe haven by his parents, the Israeli Government, and the Israeli courts. Despite a diluted and half-hearted request by the United States Government to extradite Sheinbein, and after an intentionally designed, protracted extradition proceeding, the Israeli courts said to America - "no, never and never again."  
Israel is the leading recipient of American foreign aid. Yet Sheinbein, who suggested that he would admit to the facts in the case but plead "diminished mental capacity" and/or temporary insanity, brutally kills a person of color and our "friends" in Israel protect him. Where is our "friend" Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) when we "need" him. Maybe preparing another "anti-Farrakhan" speech? Where is the leader of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Julian Bond, when we need him? After all Alfredo Enrique Tello Jr. was a person of color. Maybe Mr. Bond need be reminded more of the stated purpose of the organization that he heads and be less inclined to answer to those who have financed the organization for which he has been resurrected to head. We need our organizations to have the spirit of Marcus Mosiah Garvey: "We can accomplish what we will," rather than we can accomplish what you will allow us to accomplish. Perhaps, the Reverend Jesse Jackson could utilize his fine negotiating skills to convince Israel to release Samuel Sheinbein - so that he might triumphantly return Sheinbein to the United States and thus provide some closure for the grieving family of Enrique Tello Jr. The family of Enrique Tello Jr. are now prisoners of war - Free them Jesse. 
Response of the Crime Fighters: Operation "Just Cause"  
By all rights, the FBI should be preparing a plan to sneak into Israel and retrieve the accused "Hacksaw Murderer," Samuel Sheinbein. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), along with other military intelligence agencies should be providing the logistical information the HRT needs to make such an operation successful. In fact, America's "true" friends in Israel should be providing information to help make the extradition/extrication of Sheinbein as easy as United States' "sources" have made the extrication/extrication of American/German Nazi War Criminals living in the United States. (When did Dual Citizenship become a legal defense for murder?) Such an operation would not be unprecedented  
In June 1997 the FBI and the CIA initiated an international manhunt to capture Mir Aimal Kansi, who was wanted for killing two people and injuring three others in a 1993 shooting outside of CIA headquarters. After the capture of Mir Aimal Kansi, President William Jefferson Clinton noted, "The United States will not relent in the pursuit of those who use violence against Americans...no matter how long it takes, no matter where they hide." In case of Mir Aimal Kansi President Clinton approved a plan to utilize the FBI, CIA and Military Intelligence to covertly enter a foreign country and surgically extricate Kansi. The FBI made use of informants, who were paid handsomely for their efforts to provide information on the whereabouts of Kansi. Information was provided on the weaponry of those around Kansi and how Kansi and others could be neutralized. (Confidential sources in a position to know have also indicated that President Clinton have authorized such payments for information leading to the possible extrication of other fugitives of color such as Assata Shakur.)  
President Clinton authorized the FBI to defend themselves against all those who would stop them and indicated the use of deadly force might be necessary. Not only should the FBI and the Department of Justice be planning the extrication of the alleged Hacksaw Killer, but they should also be seeking a conviction of Sheinbein's parents for aiding and abetting in the alleged Hacksaw Murderer's escape. 
Samuel Sheinbein should be charged with Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution (UFAP) and Unlawful Flight to Avoid Confinement (UFAC). His parents and sibling harbored and aided in the escape of a violent fugitive. Such a conviction of his parents may/should result in a substantial fine that would require the seizure of their residence in Montgomery County. As a FBI Special Agent I saw people of color lose their property to the government for a lot less than harboring a Hacksaw Murderer. 
Finally, the FBI should consider an investigation of supposed suicide of Samuel Sheinbein's accomplice, Aaron Needle. My counterintelligence background tells me to be suspicious of such a convenient death. Aaron Needle "died" on the eve of his trial, where, it has been suggested, that he was going to tell all. Needle might have been familiar with the escape plan and significant others that might have been involved in carrying it out. Some of those involved may, in fact, have been from or in the country of Israel. My training tells me to track the movements of the Israeli intelligence organization, the MOSSAD, around the time of the death of Needle. 
I would suspect that the NAACP and Hispanics United of Montgomery County have already initiated a Civil Law Suit on behalf of Enrique Tello Jr.'s family for "wrongful death" against the Sheinbein's. I would think that if Ronald Goldman's family can win such a case despite a not guilty verdict in the criminal trail of O.J. Simpson - Mr. Tello's family could win - with the assistance of "concerned" others. This is a case where the perpetrator has essentially admitted to the facts, and his parents have admitted assisting in his flight from "possible" justice.  

Listen to the Silence: To Kill A Black Man 
Why is the arrest and extradition of Samuel Sheinbein so important? For years will have argued that it is apparent that it is alright to kill a Black man in America. The great and fearless pastor Vernon Johns preached a sermon entitled, "It's Safe to Murder Negroes in Montgomery" at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Alabama during the early 1950s. Pastor Johns used large metal letters to put up the title of his sermon in the glass bulletin board case that sat on the front lawn of the church. Many of the negroes were afraid of such truthfulness. The white judge in Montgomery summoned Reverend Vernon Johns to his private chambers and inquires as to why Johns would preach such an antagonistic sermon. Johns replied, "everywhere I go in the South the Negro is forced to choose between his hide and his soul, mostly he chooses his hide." Johns predicted that Blacks would continue to be brutalized as long as they allowed it. Johns indicated that he would continue to speak up and speak up and that he could be counted on to defend himself against aggression. When the Judge suggested that Pastor Johns tone his message down - Johns indicated that his sermon for the following would be entitled, When the Rapist Is White." 
As a result of his sermons a fearful negro congregation forced Pastor Johns from his pulpit. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. replaced Johns. The continued killing of people of color in the United States - and the lack of an initiative to stop such killings indicates that Vernon Johns and others were right. Even our so-called friends participate in our demise and defend their participation based on laws that relate only to their race/breed/sect/religion/country. Many of our leaders allow those killers to go free and then recommend an alliance between us and those who find nothing wrong with killing us. We now know that Israel participated directly or indirectly - with the massacre of Blacks in South Africa. The Israeli Government assisted the South African Apartheid government, a government that tortured and murdered numerous people of color, including babies. And now Israel defends, protect and honor one of the worst killers in the history of the state of Maryland - Samuel Sheinbein. As the honorable Minister Farrakhan stated, "somebody has to speak the truth about it." The silence of many of our leaders indicates to our young people that it is all right to kill a person of color in America. 
If we show outrage and demand justice, maybe our young people will know that we value their lives. If we cry for Mr. Tello-just as we have shed tears for those in Colorado-maybe someone would understand that the loss of any life and the capture and punishment of all murderers are important. 
And maybe our so-called "friends" or/and foes will know that we will not tolerate the murder of us no matter who does it. Young people will appreciate strength in defense of our "posse." The posse of people of color. That is why they appreciate the Honorable Elijah Muhammad - even as Negroes try to distant themselves from him. That's why they appreciate Marcus Garvey, Mary Mcleod Bethune, Harriet Tubman, Kwame Toure, Sojourner Truth, Paul Robeson, Bob Marley, Fannie Lou Hammer, John Brown, Patrice Lumumba and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. That's why they appreciate Malcolm X and Minister Louis Farrakhan. Maintaining a connection with our young people may enable us to create with our young people a much-needed alliance. Remaining silent in the face of the death of our young people can't help but encourage them to produce their own posse - their own "No Limit Soldiers." Nor should we allow our silence re: the cold-blooded butchering of Enrique Tello Jr. to be bought and bartered at will. Double standards should be pointed out and explained via facts and the "Law." Since when did Dual Citizenship become a legal defense? Our young people should know - must know - that we will fight to bring all killers to justice, and we will not be distracted by other s who sufferings is deemed more important than ours. No more trail of tears. No more trail of fears. . In the words of "Claude McKay, "If we must die let it not be like hogs hunted and penned in an inglorious spot." We can no longer be diplomatic with the lives of our people; our children, they are watching and listening to our lessons. 


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    Wow, this is deep. I forgotten all about this gruesome murder, and the murderer escape to Israel, with the aide of his parents. Thank you so much. May I post this on myspace bulletin?

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